Contemporary Painter in Watercolor, Collage & Mixed Media

Mural painting in my garden 2022-2023

Early image of mural with me
flowers, birds, a very large peacock!  my black cat Phoenix, butterflies and bees, fairies and so much more to add

Starting the mural in August of 2022
original brown fence
We moved here in late Oct 2017, and I looked at this fence and gardened all around it for 4 years!  At last, in 2022, it occurred to me to paint something fun and whimsical to look at and share with the neighborhood.

bunny on the lower left
bunny is on the lower left

adding a sandhill crane
sandhill cranes fly very high over head, migrating during the early fall, added this one, in progress to upper L of mural

little butterflies added


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