Contemporary Painter in Watercolor, Collage & Mixed Media


~ "this is my simple religion, there is no need for temples; 
no need for complicated philosophy; our own brain our own heart is our temple.  
 ~  the philosophy is KINDNESS"
from the Dalai Lama

Buddha, Peace & Kindness, watercolor and paper collage ~ $425.00 ~ 22" x 18"

Luna, Moon Goddess,  collage on watercolor ~ $325.00 ~ 11" x 14"

A magical Unicorn in a secret forest of dreams ~ mix media collage & watercolor ~ $325.00 ~ 15" x 11"


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I love your dreamy watercolor landscapes - I just want to step into them.
-- Susan, 3/14/23

Your birds are the BEST!
-- Keen, 2/8/23

This is fantastic Nancy, your paintings are so lovely and imaginative
-- Jan, 2/2/23

This is so terrific! I’m glad you’re getting your paintings out there for a larger audience and more enjoyment. You are a beautiful artist.
-- Caroline, 1/31/23

Yay, so proud of you for building this!
-- Rich, 1/29/23