Contemporary Painter in Watercolor, Collage & Mixed Media

Prints and CARDS for sale

Cards for sale:  all cards are sized 5" x 7" (inches), folded, and come with one envelope ea

Shipping cost will be a USPS priority envelope, 2-3 day delivery, for additional $9.65 per order
Please check back for this page to be completed with PayPal instructions.

In the meantime, please send me an email of which paintings you would be interested in purchasing in a card, 5 x 7 " format.

1 or 2 or 3 cards priced:  $6.50 each.  Multiple pricing:

4 cards at $24
5 cards at $30
6 cards at $34
8 cards at $44

10 cards at $50.00

mix n match, please let me know which ones and how many of each.

Please do not move to shopping cart yet, send me a personal message - still figuring out the PayPal part of this.

thanks for you patience and support!

Sound of Silence
a print of my watercolor called Sound of Silence

The White Wolf
a print of my watercolor, title, the White wolf

The Moth Queen
a print of my watercolor, title the Moth Queen

Each love story
a print of my watercolor & collage mixed media, that each love story is unique

magical forest walk
a print of mixed media collage, a Walk in a magical forest

plum tree
a print of my watercolor with text, Walk in Forest, a plum tree


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